Good Oral Health Benefits for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving typically all have us going back for seceonds, or even thirds. Other than this affecing our waistlines, holiday meals can have a major impact on our oral health. So when preparing your Thanksgibing feast, be sure to inclue food that are beneficial to your mouth.

Turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato, broccoli and other Thanksgiving foods are tasty and also beneficial for our oral health and overall health. Fiber enriched foods act as a brush as we eat preventing plaque build-up and defends against cavities. Turkey is a phosphorous rich food which is a part of tooth development. It also rebuilds the surface (enamel) of teeth that have been damamged by bacteria. Essential vitamins and minerals are need for ideal dental health. A traditional Thanksgiving meal provides all of these necessary nutrients.

A balanced diet can help those who are particularly vulnerable to oral health problems such as pregnant women, children and seniors. Your Little Falls, NJ Dentists have compiled a list of the best food to incorporate on Thanksgiving:

It is healthy to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Other than keeping us hydrated, water is crucial in saliva production. Saliva helps wash away food particles and bacteria in your mouth. A dry mouth also invites bacteria in, so be sure there’s plenty of water this Thanksgiving.Little Falls, NJ Dentists and Thanksgiving

Milk, chesse, cream and vaious other dairy products are musts at Thanksgiving meals. The great news is that dairy products help strengthen our bones, as well as our teeth. Cheese as an appetizer can help reduce plaque acid on your teeth.

Teas, Coffees and Dark Cocoas
All of these drinks are anti-cariogenic and polyphenols rich. Polyphenols hinder the bond of bacteria to teeth and also prevent the growth of cariogenic bacteria. Provide these drinks and help your guests move toward a healthier mouth.

Vitamin-Rich Foods
Food items rich in one or more of vitamins A, C, and D and minerals like calcium and phosphorous can be great for your teeth, which you can find in turkey, beef, chicken, fish, and green vegetables.

Nuts and Raisins
Nuts like almonds and cashews and raisins are vitamin and fiber rich. They are great for an afternoon snack before dinner, or as a side dishe to the main Thanksgiving course. The phytochemicals in raisins can fight cavities and bacteria and have natural sugars that are not as harmful for your teeth.

Spending time with your loved ones at Thanksgiving is best enjoyed when everyone is healthy and happy. Remember to brush your teeth and floss after dinner to maintain oral health!

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