What to Expect on Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

Making Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist in Little Falls, NJ a pleasant experience

At Picture Perfect Smile, parents are encouraged into the treatment area and be with their child. Don’t be alarmed if your child cries or exhibits some form of anxiety as these are normal responses for a child. You may feel that your child will not cooperate at a young age, but we we have the expertise and experience in pediatric dentistry and are prepared with child-friendly strategies to help ease your child’s visit to our office and provide quality dental care. Our Little Falls Pediatric Dentist and staff are well trained in calming down apprehensive children. During your child’s first visit, we conduct a thorough and brief initial examination.

First Visit Checklist

  • Check For Cavities
  • Discuss Diet Recommendations
  • Demonstrate Proper Brushing & Flossing Techniques
  • Evaluate The Alignment Of Your Child’s Teeth
  • Check For Gum Disease & Other Abnormalities
  • Make Recommendations On How To Prevent Dental Problems

At age one, we generally just do an initial exam. If your child is two and a half years old or older, your doctor, if necessary, may recommend a cleaning and X-ray. If your child is three years old or younger, they can sit on your lap during the exam.

We do all that we can to assure that you and your child have a pleasant experience. Please let us know ahead of time if there is anything we can do to better accommodate your child to make his/her first visit to the dentist a positive experience.

The Importance of Early Dental Visits

At Picture Perfect Smile, we know that a child’s span of attention can be short, so we conduct a thorough examination as quickly as we possible can. Please do not postpone or avoid your child’s dental visit because you are concerned he/she may not cooperate or throw a tantrum. Our pediatric dentist and dental staff are highly trained to work with children.

It has been proven that children who start dental visits early on are more likely to develop positive views about dental visits in the future. It is far better to get an early start on a prevention program for your child to catch minor dental problems that can be addressed and avoid major problems in the future, such as tooth decay. Decay grows slowly, but if caught and treated early, therapies can be implemented and used to reverse or minimize the negative impact of tooth decay in your child’s overall dental health.

Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit Today
Thank you for choosing Picture Perfect Smile for your child’s dental needs. Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding pediatric dentistry. To schedule your first visit at our Little Falls, New Jersey dental office, please call (973) 256-2222. We look forward to adding you and your child to our dentistry family and joining your dental journey!